About the client
Our client is a leading developer, investor, and operator of power generation and desalinated water plants in the Middle East region. With 54 assets in operation, construction, or advanced development across 11 countries they employ over 3,500 people with ~60% local employment. Their portfolio, with an investment value in excess of USD 45 billion, can generate 30+ GW of power and produce over 5.3 million m3 /day of desalinated water.

What business challenge were they experiencing?
Based on an employee engagement survey within the finance department, the organization identified that the employees were facing an issue of unfair treatment at the workplace. The overall satisfaction rate was quite low in terms of diversity and being accepted by other employees.

The employees also felt that the top management failed to realize the need for a healthy work/life balance and was aggressive when concerns were raised.

To offer a more inclusive and accepting work environment, the client wanted a learning solution that would:
Provide a complete cultural transformation throughout the organization and especially within the finance department
Help the senior management understand the need for diversity and inclusion within their teams
Offer actionable sessions for inclusive leadership & vulnerability
Include best practices and case studies from valuable organizations

What solution did Kaplan professional ME provide?
A collaboratively customized program delivered to employees from the top management, middle management, and the whole finance function. The two key areas that Kaplan focused on were Leadership, Re-setting expectations & Health.

Learning Journey
Learning Journey

How did Kaplan Professional ME work with the client to develop the solution?
To develop the learning solution, Kaplan developed two modules that catered to different levels of the organization. In Module 1 for the top management, we offered training centered around authentic and transformational leadership whereas, for the middle management, the sessions focus on tools for performance management and the value of a leader. For Module 2, we combined participants from both management levels for an interactive and collaborative discussion focused on improving mutual trust and personal confidence. that allowed The final module was delivered to all finance function employees on topics such as cultural concerns and a healthy professional attitude.