About the client:
The client was established with the formation of the Institute of Banking and was affiliated with the Saudi Central Bank. The institute provides technical training typical of the qualifications of the banking sector of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The client is an independent entity as of 2020 and is associated with the CMA (Capital Market Authority), Saudi Central Bank, and other noteworthy institutions of the financial sector. It now provides training adhering to local and international training practices.

What business challenge were they experiencing?
The Client had approached Kaplan with 3 modules for delegates who were looking for qualifications in the sectors of:
• Retail Banking
• Credit Advisory
• Foreign Exchange

The client wanted integrated content to train their delegates with a comprehensive program for the courses they would wish to undertake with the client in any or all of the abovementioned modules. The client would provide the basic materials from which interactive content was to be delivered. The client also wanted a basic guide on how to train each of the modules.

What solution did Kaplan Professional ME provide?
A collaboratively customized content was developed for each module. The content for each module was developed by conducting multiple rounds of development and revision with the teams at Kaplan.
Each module was divided into 5 steps:

What was the content delivered?
• The Content was delivered over a span of 4 months. Initially, the slides were developed from which 500 questions were made for each module.

• The Secret Sauce covered the basics of each module in a very comprehensive and precise manner.

• The Trainer’s Guide provided a detailed thorough understanding to the trainer on how to teach the particular slides in a classroom.

• The entire content was then translated into Arabic and delivered to the client