M&A Masterclass

Course Start Date: 3rd December

Training Duration: 5 Days

Practical application through exercises:

  • Excel Exercises
  • Case Studies

Learning Outcomes


Understand design and develop structure for a merger model


Prepare flexible sources and uses of funds schedule


Prepare pro forma group financial statements


Perform financing mix and accretion dilution analysis


Perform scenario analysis and develop the M&A KPI dashboard

Course Outlines

  • Introduction
  • What constitutes M&A?
  • How M&A is different from Strategic Alliance
  • Summary of M&A processes – identification, due diligence and acquisition, documentation, Integration
  • Key parties involved in M&A
  • Why do companies M&A?
  • Strategic and Tactical Reasons for doing M&A
  •  Various Types of M&A
  •  Pitfalls and advantages for these Strategic decisions
  • Introduction to M&A accounting
  • Goodwill
  • Consolidating financial statements

o Synergies

  • EPS Accretion-Dilution Analysis
  • Contribution Analysis
  • Post transaction P/E requirement for breakeven

Post transaction synergies required for deal to be EPS accretive

  • Types of Sensitivity Analysis in the M&A valuation
  • Presenting the key M&A model KPIs
  • Managing Comparable Company Analysis 
  • Managing Comparable Transactions Analysis 
  • Various types and their impact
  • Cost Synergies
  • Revenue Synergies
  • Critical Success Factors and pitfalls to Avoid
  • Why do Due Diligence?
  • How to prepare a company for due diligence
  • Why do M&A deals fail?
  • Risks and its mitigation in M&A
  • Key issues like Attrition, KMPs Retention Mechanism etc