About CIPD Level 3 Program

The CIPD has been championing better work and working lives for over 100 years. It helps organisations thrive by focusing on their people, supporting our economies and societies. 

The CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice provides practical (HR, L&D, and OD) skills and is equivalent to an A-level. It grants an internationally recognized CIPD qualification and knowledge for CIPD Foundation Membership. Completion of the CIPD Level 3 qualification equips you with practical and theoretical skills in core people practice functions.

Kaplan Professional Middle East is an approved provider of CIPD qualifications in the UAE.

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Who is it for?

The CIPD Foundation Certificate offers a strong foundational understanding of people management, helping you to excel in entry-level HR, L&D, or OD roles with confidence. This qualification is well-suited for individuals with limited or no prior experience in the field, making it an excellent starting point for those looking to launch their career in the people profession.


For the CIPD Level 3 certification
  • Minimum age requirement is 16
  • Proficiency in English (both spoken and written) is necessary

Roadmap to Earn the CIPD Level 3

Core Unit 1:

Business Culture And Change In Context

Core Unit 2:

Principles Of Analytics

Core Unit 3:

Core Behaviours For People Professionals

Core Unit 4:

Essentials Of People Practice

Earn the



Program Agenda

Purpose and Aim

A full induction to the programme

Purpose and Aim

To consider the impact of external influences and how the digital and commercial environment shapes business and the culture within which they operate. In this context, to consider the importance of people’s behaviour on organisational culture and its ability to manage change effectively

Purpose and Aim

To explore how people professionals make both straight forward and complex choices as they carry out their roles. To focus on how utilising a diverse range of analytics and evidence is essential to the rationalisation and enhancement of working practices and situational decision-making to add value.

Purpose and Aim

To explore the core behaviours for people professionals, focusing on ethical behaviours to create value, and how certain ways of acting and thinking should be universally consistent, even in new and challenging situations, to promote a sense of well-being and inclusivity in the organisation.

Purpose and Aim

To explore the key areas of people practice linked to the “employee lifecycle” from initial attraction to exit, including recruitment and selection, performance and reward, employee relations and learning and development


Written assignments for each module which will be evaluated by our CIPD-approved assessor. Upon successfully completing all assignments, you will achieve your well-deserved CIPD qualification.

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