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You can begin your ACCA journey from Year 11/12 which is during your high school.

Based on your level of education, you may be exempt from certain ACCA papers. University students are usually exempt from the first 6 - 9 papers. You can find out which papers you are exempt from here -

You can attempt the exams 4 times a year with a maximum of 4 papers each sitting and 8 maximum in a year. So, you could complete it in just under 3 years but you will need 3-6 years of practical experience to achieve the qualification.

ACCA membership demands three years’ work experience, which matches ACCA’s performance objectives. This experience does not have to be gained in one three-year stretch and can come from different jobs – paid or unpaid – at different times, even from before a student first registers with ACCA.

You will need to complete the exams in a certain order which is applied knowledge, then applied skills, and then the strategic professional exams.

For ACCA Skills, Essentials, and Options levels, you need to register with the institute approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the exam entry deadline. For papers with computer-based exams, then 6-8 weeks prior to the exam date may be okay. You can register and find more information on the governing body websites.

For Live Online if a course has already started you may be able to still attend depending on availability. As Live Online classes are recorded it is possible to book the course after it has started and catch up on the sessions you have missed.

OnDemand programs: For the Applied Skills and Strategic Professional papers, you will have access for 6 months after the exam sitting you enroll for. If you enroll for the December 2019 sitting, the access will expire for the June 2020 exam. Hence, This allows you two resits. Live Online programs: For the ACCA Knowledge & Law papers, you will have 3 months' access from the start date of the course with syllabus updates in September. The ACCA Skills & Strategic Professional level is 6 months after the sitting date with syllabus updates in June. The syllabus changes are usually minimal, therefore a student sitting for the March 2020 exam, should be able to perform well for the September 2020 course.

If you want to defer a paper, there will be a charge of AED 100 per paper. You can defer the paper for up to 2 exam sittings.

The online resources and mock exams will update as and when the syllabus changes. For example - The tax paper will be during the June sitting while all the other papers, will be for the September sitting.

Depending on the course generally, there are four tests; Consolidation test, Progress Test, Revision Mock, & Question Practice. The Consolidation Test is marked by a computer so other than a mark there is no feedback, however, with the Progress Test, Revision Mock, & Question Practice the student does receive personal feedback.

There is only one Question-based class and the class comprises a test, usually held a few days before the final exam, to fill in any gaps in the student's knowledge before they sit for the exam and to ensure they are answering questions correctly for full marks.

Yes, you can! We've made it even easier for you to manage your studies. Our mobile app is designed to give you more control over planning your studies and accessing resources. For more information, visit:

Our pass guarantee means if you are unsuccessful, you can receive training once again for the next exam sitting for free. (Terms and conditions apply)

Our ACCA certified trainers are specialized in different papers and have helped multiple candidates become regional prizewinners. They have extensive training and industry experience which ensures that candidates receive the right guidance and support.

In addition to the online discussion forums and extensive student support, we offer online resources such as the MyKaplan and award-winning OnDemand platform.

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