About the client:
Our client operates a vital role in promoting industrial investment opportunities, strengthening the local industry, and effectuating development policies and programs. It attains this goal by pushing for integration with government entities and expands the reach of its support to cover a number of promising sectors in the areas of industry, energy, mining, and logistics.

What business challenge were they experiencing?
The organization’s main challenge was transforming the existing employee mindset from a task-focused organization to a customer-centric organization. For this, a major restructuring took place within the business and the key focus was on offering loan opportunities to businesses that were in need of funding. As a part of the restructuring, they also wanted to split the existing comprehensive team into dedicated relationship managers, portfolio managers, marketing & technical, and lastly the credit team.

Another challenge that they wanted to solve was the digitalization of their processes to offer customers a quicker response time and a more efficient and effective sales journey.

What solution did Kaplan Professional ME provide?
A collaboratively customized Customer Excellence Program.

How did Kaplan Professional ME work with the client to develop the solution?
• The course outline, the content, and the learning outcomes were developed by conducting multiple rounds of consultative interviews with key stakeholders of the organization
• It resulted in the creation of a highly bespoke program with 8 modules focused on improving mindset and creating department-specific skillsets.

How was the training delivered?
The training was delivered through a hybrid model of virtual and face-to-face training over 7 months. It was interactive and included topics focused on exceeding customer expectations, enhancing the business systems and embedding the cultural strategy.

What aspects were highly appreciated by the client?
• Collaborative customization of program and content development through a consultative approach
• Industry experienced trainers conducting the interactive delivery
• Specialized exercises and multiple sessions of 1-to-1 coaching for each candidate
• Comprehensive pre-and post-assessments along with support material for the effective embedding of learning
• 360* report that showcased the strengths and competencies of each employee
• Team-based Action learning projects that were purely focused on personal development and aligning KPI’s for organisational growth and customer success

What did the candidates think of the programme?
• “Lots of examples provided! Great comparative analysis of the financial statements.”
• “The key concepts were explained really well and it was great to learn how financial reports can help improve organizational health.”
• “The training content was very well structured!”
• “The trainer was very knowledgeable, friendly, and approachable. Answered all our queries. Overall, a very valuable training.”