About the client:
The client is one of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical companies that focuses on developing breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. Against a complex health landscape, they unleash the power of their assets—from medicines and vaccines to financial investments and world-class expertise—to help strengthen health systems and improve access to quality healthcare services for patients around the world.

The story of bringing medicine to life is no different than any other process of creation. Together with their partners, our client unlocks transformative and sustainable solutions through programs and investments that ensure a healthier world for everyone.

What was the client’s business challenge?
The main challenge faced by the organization was the lack of a women-led workforce in senior and top-level management. They wanted to ensure that all barriers that were preventing gender diversity and inclusion were eliminated for future candidates.

Therefore, the client wanted a learning solution that would:
• Provide best practices tailored for the leadership development of women in the organization
• Offer mentoring, coaching, self-actualization, and internal networking opportunities that would help candidates gain an insight into their strengths and weaknesses, overcome their self-limiting beliefs and build ideal learning paths for their career goals
• Ensure the content and learning outcomes are in line with the organization’s purpose and four key values – Courage, Excellence, and Equity.

What solutions did Kaplan Professional ME provide?
A collaboratively customized Leadership Aspiring Female Talents (LAFTA) Program for the AfME region.

Learning Journey

Learning Journey

How did Kaplan Professional ME work with the client to develop the solution?
• To develop the learning solution, Kaplan used the ‘collaborative customization’ approach
• The course outline, the content and the learning outcomes were developed by conducting multiple rounds of consultative interviews with key stakeholders of the organization
• It resulted in creation of a highly bespoke programme content encompassing assessments, coaching sessions and assignments.

What was the impact of the programme?
• 100% of respondents felt motivated and confident in promoting themselves to their managers.
• 75% of the candidates have highlighted significant changes in their role and promotions post the program.

Which aspects were appreciated by the client?
• Collaborative customization of program and content through a consultative approach
• Industry experienced trainer with multiple qualifications conducting the interactive delivery
• Specialized exercises and interactive case studies for each topic in the program
• Comprehensive pre and post-assessments along with support material for effective embedding of learning
• The improvement in candidate scores

What did the candidates think of the program?
“The training helped me identify and manage my vulnerabilities as well as seek support if required to challenge stereotypes, prejudices and discriminations when seen anywhere.”
“Trainers have relevant personal experience and not just theory. The facilitators created an atmosphere for authenticity by sharing their own life experience”
“I loved the opportunity to share my personal career challenges with my colleagues and receive constructive feedback that will help me grow.”