About the client:
Our client is a leading ministry that enables Saudi Arabia to be among the world’s largest economies by 2030 through a distinct financial system. It is responsible for regulating, managing, and securing the collection of state funds, and their expenditures, and has become the general authority for financial matters in the Kingdom and its subsidiaries.

As of now, the ministry has initiated a comprehensive review of the state general budget and its current divisions, to make them more responsive to the requirements of the transparency needed for sound and accurate analysis for the government fiscal policy on the one hand and to support state officials to develop plans and take appropriate decisions for all major areas of sustainable development.

What business challenge were they facing?
The main challenge faced by the team at the Ministry of Finance was being able to identify high potential employees that have strong technical expertise across their core competencies and could lead internal finance projects.

Therefore, the client wanted a learning solution that would:

  • Assess the existing skills of the employees based on the 8 competencies developed by the Ministry of Finance
  • Identify high potential employees who could showcase strong financial expertise and head the train the trainer program within the ministry
  • Provide a blended training program that includes technical training, on-the-job projects, and develops revenue ambassadors for the internal training program

What solution did Kaplan professionalME provide?
A blended Revenue Ambassadors Programme developed based on employee assessments, client meetings, and analysis of current market requirements.

How did Kaplan professionalME work with the client to develop the situation?

  • To develop the learning solution, Kaplan used the ‘collaborative customization’ approach
  • The course outline, the content, and the learning outcomes were developed by conducting multiple rounds of consultative interviews and assessments with the employees
  • It resulted in the creation of a highly bespoke program content encompassing presentations, interactive case studies, and group discussions

The employee assessments were held online over a period of one week. It included 4 activities that were created based on the Ministry of Finance competency framework. The assessments included:

  • Case-Based Exercises
  • Competency-Based Interviews
  • Individual Presentations
  • Group Discussions

Once the assessments were completed, reports were prepared for each individual, highlighting their overall performance, detailed analysis of their
performance for each competency and evidence for the scoring offering.

How will the training be delivered?
The training will be delivered online as 3 modules over 10 days per modules, with 6 hours each day. It will be included through an interactive training method and blend of technical and behavioral modules:

  • Financial statement analysis
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Train the Trainer Program