Change Management

Course Start Date: 30th July

Training Duration: 4 Days

Practical application through exercises:

  • Role-play observations
  • Team-based activities
  • Change management roadmap

Learning Outcomes


Understand the impact of organizational change and develop strategies to prepare the organization for it


Manage stakeholder resistance and recognize the reasons associated with it


Gain insights into how the leadership team can involve employees in the change management process

Set the rules of engagement, establish metrics, and build a roadmap using proven models for change management

Course Outlines


  • Understanding change models
  • Personal/Behavioral approach to change
  • Factors that drive change in organizations
  • The business value of change management
  • Identifying risks and barriers to Change: why do change initiatives fail?
  • Common reactions to change
  • The Kubler-Ross Change Curve
  • William Bridges Transition Model
  • Ensuring readiness for change
  • Clarity of current vs future state
  • Foundational models for change management (PCT/ADKAR Model)
  • Designing a Change Management roadmap
  • Core roles in change management
  • Sponsor and stakeholder engagement
  • Ensuring sustainability of change
  • Creating a roadmap for implementing change