CMA Excellence Program

Kaplan’s CMA Excellence Program is a unique opportunity that helps students pass their exams as well as start their professional journey with confidence. This initiative prepares candidates for the competitive industry by helping them attain the right skillset required for professional growth and success.

The program will include simulations, practical exercises, and coaching. Upon completion of the course, students will also get a Kaplan certificate for the CMA Excellence program.

Key Features of the Excellence Program

Complimentary finance skills and personality development training

Training which includes simulations, practical exercises, and coaching

Kaplan certificate for the CMA Excellence Program

Elements of the Program

Behavioural Skills Training

  • Personal Branding
  • CV writing
  • Acing your next interview
  • Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
  • The power of communication

Finance Skills Training

  • Financial Modeling
  • Financial Storytelling: Presenting Data with Impact
  • Introduction to Data Analytics Blockchain & Crypto
  • How to develop strong business acumen?
  • Next Generation Skills required to gain an edge in the banking industry.

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