Finance for Non Finance

Finance for Non Finance: 2nd July 2023

Training Duration: 5 Days

Practical application through exercises:

  • Excel Exercises

Learning Outcomes


Understand how everyday transactions impacts an organisations financial performance


Compare and contrast the difference between Cash vs Accrual accounting


Discover how Income, Balance Sheet and Cash flow statements are prepared


Perform financial statement analysis


Understand the budgeting process and key stakeholders of a budgeting process

Course Outlines

  • The accounting equation (A=L+E)
  • Elements of Accounting
  • Main Financial Statements
  • Users of the Financial Statements
  • Format and Purpose of Income Statement
  • Format and Purpose of Balance Sheet
  • Purpose of Financial Statement Analysis
  • Computation and Analysis of different types of Ratios
  • Purpose of Budgeting
  • Approaches and methods of budgeting
  • Process of Creating A Budget
  • Understanding Master Budget