Fundamentals of Strategy and Planning

Course Start Date: 15th October

Training Duration: 4 Days

Practical application through exercises:

  • Case Studies

Learning Outcomes


To Define Strategy and its components


To Realize The importance of strategy formulation


To articulate corporate, business and operational strategies


To develop effective action plans and strategic goals


To Define accountabilities and responsibilities


To Improve strategic communication and decision making

Course Outlines

  • Strategy Definition (reviewed post main track) 
  • Strategy and organization vision  (reviewed post main track)
  • Governmental Strategies and their alignment to Country wide visions (e.g. Vision 2030)


  • Importance of Strategy to Build Corporate culture 
  • Importance of strategy in achieving effectiveness and efficiency 
  • Strategy and focused performance 
  • Strategy and Decision making & strategic communication
  • Corporate Level Strategy 
  • Business Level Strategy 
  • Functional Level Strategy 
  • Operation Level Strategy
  • Strategic Management definition 
  • Importance of Strategic management 
  • Strategic management components
  • Defining the vision, business mission, purpose, and broad objectives.
  • Formulation of strategies.
  • Implementation of strategies.
  • Evaluation of strategies.
  • How to develop strategic SMART Goals
  • How to develop a strategic plans?
  • Foundations of KPIs
  • How to develop an operational plan