Improving Efficiency and Driving a Performance Culture

Course Start Date: 6th August 2023

Training Duration: 3 Days

Practical application through exercises: Design and implement HR programs/projects to achieve organizational strategy

Learning Outcomes


Explore the concept of leadership as a main factor in successful high-performance cultures


Locate and identify performance areas that require improvement


Learn various team strategies to enable a high-performance culture

Recognize the need for change and re-engineer your processes to improve efficiency


Involve and motivate the team using best practices in leadership and management

Course Outlines

  • Current state: Understanding your own team
  • Characteristics of a high-performing team
  • The link between efficiency and high-performance¬†
  • Process re-engineering and improvement
  • Analyzing and eliminating waste from processes
  • Becoming a high-performing team
  • Developing high performance indicators, goals, and metrics
  • Communicating a compelling approach to ensure efficiency
  • Establishing a robust operating rhythm to drive results (OKR/KPIS)