Introduction to Corporate Treasury

Course Start Date: 27th August

Training Duration: 4 Days

Practical application through exercises:

  • Case Studies

Learning Outcomes


To learn the difference between Accounting & Treasury.


To understand the role of the corporate treasurer.


Understand the working of SWIFT and how payments are made.

To understand the internal and external relationship of a corporate treasury function.

Course Outlines

  • Introduction to Treasury and the difference with Accounting
  • The role of the Treasurer
  • Cash Management
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Funding
  • Others (depending on size and industry)
  • Overview of basic corporate treasury standards
  • Currency Codes
  • Bank SWIFT BIC
  • Interest 360/365
  • Introduction to SWIFT and it’s importance
  • How do domestic and international payments really work?
  • Correspondent banks
  • Clearing
  • Internal relationships
  • External relationships