Kaplan Business Challenge

Course Start Date: 29th October 2023

Training Duration: 4 Days

Practical application through exercises:

  • Simulation

Learning Outcomes


Evaluate the financial impact of business decisions to improve performance


Explain the critical importance of cash flow


Work effectively as a team to maximize results

Explore team dynamics in a competitive business situation


Demonstrate and anticipate the commercial impact of successful business decision-making

Course Outlines

  • Understand core financial information
  • Develop a strategy
  • Analyze market data
  • Making decision when information is incomplete
  • Manage business performance, cash flow and corporate finance issues
  • Implement strategy
  • Explore the financial impact of decision making
  • Identify key drivers of shareholder value
  • Gain greater confidence in using financial information in stakeholder relations
  • Identify opportunities for business improvement
  • Presentations to shareholders, dealing with challenge
  • Learning from KBC – the synergy between the different departments of an organization. 
  • KPI analysis – how the organization performed in 2 years
  • Presentation – A performance analysis of the company with regards to its growth and future plans and strategies.
  • Time Management