What does the Project Finance Modeling Program Cover?

Develop a project finance model and analyze financing proposals at our two-day program. Starting from scratch, the delegates will develop a fully integrated and flexible project finance model, forecast project cash flows and key KPIs using advanced excel tools and best practices in financial modeling.

Learning Objectives


Apply advanced excel tools in project feasibility modeling


Develop EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), CapEx (Capital Expenditures) and funding schedule using timing flags


Build a project's flexible debt repayment schedule for various sources of financing


Model key financial drivers used to evaluate a project finance transaction


Perform scenario and sensitivity analysis in a project finance model

Program Agenda

Introduction to the Project Finance Model

Grasp advanced Excel tools in Project Finance modeling
Explore the differences between project finance and traditional finance
Understand the life-cycle of a project finance transaction and model
Developing the model

Timing and Debt Structure

Input sheet and its assumptions
Build a flexible timing structure using timing flags
EPC and CapEx schedule
Revenue, operational and maintenance expenditures
Debt modeling


Forecast cash flow available for debt servicing (CFADS)
Forecast debt repayment and interest schedule (For different types of debt structures)
Interest during construction & controlling circular referencing
Repayment waterfall
Reserve accounts, cash sweeps

Modeling for Key Model outputs

DSCR (Debt Coverage Ratio), LLCR (Loan Life Coverage Ratio) and PLCR (Project Life Cover Ratio)
NPV (Net Present Value) and IRR (Internal Rate of Return) for different sponsors and investors in the project
DSRA (Debt Service Reserve Account)

Scenario and Sensitivity Analysis

Perform one or two variable data table sensitivity analysis for key project inputs
Perform scenario analysis by changing multiple project inputs and evaluate the impact on key model outputs

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