Strategic HR Business Partnering

Course Start Date: 16th July

Training Duration: 4 Days

Practical application through exercises: Satisfactory performance and successful completion of the relevant training exercises and activities

This highly-practical program is designed to prepare HR professionals to develop the mindset of an effective business partner, and gain the skills, behaviour, and tools they need to enhance their approach. It will cover a range of learning needs from consulting and data literacy to employee experience and business acumen. The training will also focus on building relationships and influencing others so participants can produce their own, unique HR business partnering formula. 

Learning Outcomes


Have a deeper understanding of the HR business partner role and what a commercial and strategic business partner looks and feels like


Develop skill and confidence in demonstrating leadership and the ability to influence others using a range of approaches and HR/data analytics


Have a greater understanding of how to think systemically and how to add value to the HR business partnering role

Course Outlines

  • Understanding the organization’s current strategy and department’s performance, as well as identifying future challenges
  • The role of HR Business Partners in helping the organization achieve its objectives
  • The HR Business Partner approach
  • How to engage in commercial conversations
  • Mindset change and learning to think strategically as a business partner
  • Tailoring your communication approach to influence and impact stakeholders
  • Articulate how to use data analytics to increase the value you add as an HR business partner
  • Interpreting and using HR data to influence behavior and decision making
  • Defining success and overcoming challenges