Strategic Thinking

Course Start Date: 22nd October 2023

Training Duration: 3 Days

Practical application through exercises:
Delegates develop & present a strategic plan to launch a new business venture while trying to identify and plan to solve its business problems

Learning Outcomes


Understand the concepts behind strategic thinking


Understand the importance of a well-designed and innovative strategic plan and how this will impact the potential success of the organization


Apply analytical thinking process to achieve desired goals

Assess one’s ability to plan effectively


Gain the necessary tools and techniques for strategic thinking and planning

Course Outlines

  • Role & importance of strategic thinking
  • Organizational benefits of establishing a clear strategy
  • Frameworks and tools of strategic thinking
  • Strategic doing and the Iceberg Model
  • Identifying and evaluating issues and viewpoints
  • The 3 C’s: context, credibility and consistency
  • Using analytical thinking to solve a problem and formulate a strategy
  • Process mapping
  • Analysis, Planning, and Implementation
  • Preparing to develop a strategic plan
  • Balanced scorecard, SWOT, PESTLE, GAP frameworks for analysis
  • Planning for implementation
  • Globalization and other external considerations
  • Rollout strategy – identifying and implementing key milestones
  • Ensuring long-term success