Treasury Governance & Control

Course Start Date: 13th August 2023

Training Duration: 4 Days

Practical application through exercises:

  • Case Studies

Learning Outcomes


To learn the importance of governance and control in corporate treasury environment.


To learn the role of corporate treasury in a financial environment


Understand the linkages between the Board and corporate treasury

Understand the various policies and procedures in corporate treasury

Course Outlines

    • Introduction to Treasury Governance & Control concepts
    • Role of the Board
    • Role of the Audit Committee
    • Internal Audit
    • External Audit
  • Overview of some of the leading and most important governance regulations
  • The UK Corporate Governance Code
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Importance of technology in maintaining control in a corporate treasury environment
  • What are typical policies and procedures do you find in a Treasury department?
  • The difference between Policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs),  and desktop-procedures