Women Leadership Development

Course Start Date: 20th August 2023

Training Duration: 4 Days

Practical application through exercises: Practice every tool and function learned in the program by applying on relevant work scenarios

Learning Outcomes


To challenge self- limiting beliefs & create a new belief system


Step into leadership roles with the skills needed to lead a team


Understand unconscious bias, affinity bias, and other bias and its impact on women in leadership roles

Build the self confidence and courage needed to influence others and be actively heard


Encourage a powerful network of women leaders to support on another


Learn gender diversity in leadership roles actually makes a difference

Course Outlines

  • Introductions
  • Self-reflection on career:
    Overcoming challenges
  • Women in leadership:
    Facts and figures on women in leadership roles
  • Differences between female and male leadership – the importance of diversifying
  • Same resilience theory
    Common reactions to shame
  • The power of vulnerability and empathy
  • Emotions and reasoning at work: the six principles
    Developing and applying your emotional skills
  • Developing personal impact
    Amy Cuddy’s theory on presence
  • Team growth and development
  • Methods for individual and team learning
  • Team and individual performance
  • Choosing the right learning and training method
  • Designing learning experiences
  • Role of L&D in developing high-performing teams
  • Reward and recognition through learning
  • Uderstanderence between a growth mindset fixed mindset
  • Identify individual ‘centre of gravity’: your core elements that keep you going through significant change and challenge
  • Building resilience and creating habits to support you in your future career growth.
  • Learn to speak up and be more decisive


  • Being Influential – The five key elements
  • Stakeholder mapping and the importance of building relationships
  • The trust equation
  • Career progress and Influence
  • Blind spots: Unconscious bias
  • Intent vs. Impact – How do you create inclusive environments
  • Equity at your organization – what is your plan?
  • What can I do to ensure Inclusive leadership?