About the client
Our client is one of the pioneer companies in the petrochemical field due their strong partnership with international companies and large customer base. To fulfill their aim of reliably and efficiently producing petrochemical products of the highest quality, they safely produce reliable, low cost and high-quality products while exceeding customer, community.

What business challenge were they experiencing?
The organization wanted to offer its 17 high-potential leaders an opportunity to be General managers and Assistant general managers. Although, they noticed that there was a need for a cultural transformation as they had strong technical expertise but their leadership style needed to be refined.

What solution did Kaplan professional ME provide?
A collaboratively customized face-to-face program delivered to the employees focused on three key learning modules: thought, people, and results leadership.

Learning Journey
Learning Journey

How did Kaplan Professional ME work with the client to develop the solution?
To develop the learning solution, we evaluated the existing skillset of the candidates through psychometric assessments and diagnostic tests. Based on the analysis, the managing others module focused on coaching and developing team and individual capability by motivating and empowering others. For the managing self module, the sessions catered to identifying key leadership practices that contribute to high organizational and individual performance. The managing organization module was customer-focused and hence offered candidates the opportunity to analyze data, think creatively, and implement plans aligned for strategic success.

Candidates also had access to the 1-to-1 coaching sessions, action learning projects, and the Kaplan business challenge, which offered them the opportunity to think and react strategically under high-pressure situations and in line with the organization’s objectives.