How to become a CMA in Dubai

Whether you want to grow from your current professional position or want to improve your career potential, the CMA (Certified Management Accountant) program has been designed to help candidates improve and expand their accounting and financial management skills. The CMA certification will not only highlight you as a key employee to drive business performance but will also make you an important part of a worldwide network of over 100,000 peers.


Certification Eligibility:

To be qualified for CMA certification, you must fulfill all the following requirements:

    • Active membership in the IMA
    • Pay the CMA Entrance Fee before taking both Part 1 & Part 2 of the CMA exam (Fee Validity is 3 years)
    • Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or a related professional certification
    • Must have two continuous years of professional experience in management accounting or financial management
    • Pass both the CMA examination parts
    • Conform with the IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice

If you are unable to meet the educational or professional experience requirements and want to get certified, don’t fret. Candidates are offered 7 years by the IMA, within which the candidate can appear for the CMA exam and then complete their bachelor’s degree or two years of professional experience from the date of the exam.


Exam Registration:

In order to fulfill the examination requirement, you must first join the IMA and Pay the entrance fee. Next, you must register for the exam and await the confirmation of your registration, which provides your authorization number, testing window (January/February – May/June – September/October) and  Instructions for Candidates.

Lastly, Schedule your exam appointment with Prometric, IMA’s testing partner with locations worldwide and ensure that you arrive on your scheduled exam date with the required identification documents. Remember that your authorization number is only valid for the testing window selected and therefore the exam can’t be postponed.

Exam Preparation:

You can either choose to self-study or study with a training institute for your CMA Dubai preparation. Past CMA Candidates have stated that an effective technique is to study the content and create notes that ensure key points aren’t missed out during last-minute review. Due to the vast size of the CMA curriculum, it isn’t the most time effective method and can be tedious.

The inability to cover the complete syllabus may lead to gaps in your insight and yield a poor mock exam score. The more you focus on practice, the higher the chances of accomplishment. Hence, it’s always advisable for candidates to opt for a training institute to ensure constant learning and prevent last-minute cramming of content.