How to choose the right training method for your certifications?

Achieving a qualification is a defining moment for many finance professionals. It shows employers the level of real-world expertise and knowledge candidates possess in the field. Being an intensive and highly coveted program, candidates are expected to invest at least 3-5 months per part for their exam preparation.

While some candidates prefer classroom training over online sessions, there isn’t a method that best fits everyone’s needs and guarantees success. Therefore, each candidate must assess the advantages and differences of the training methods offered by an institute and choose the option that best meets their learning needs and lifestyle.

Here are some of the widely available learning options for your certifications:

Classroom Sessions:

One of the biggest highlights of a face-to-face session would be the human touch that it offers, an element that is often lost in technology-based training. During the live sessions, candidates receive the opportunity to interact and solve queries with their fellow peers as well as trainers during the lecture. Trainers can adapt their training style based on the interaction with the audience and can provide immediate support for candidates that need some extra help.

Classroom sessions also offer in-class practice tests and mock exams that replicate the ambiance of an exam hall. This serves an important purpose as these exams are strictly monitored and mock exams help candidates abide by the guidelines set by the governing body.

Following a fixed lecture schedule works great for candidates that are juggling multiple priorities as it helps ensure that candidates complete the curriculum trained then and there, without any further delay. During these courses, candidates also receive the opportunity to interact with fellow candidates from different tiers in the corporate ladder and industries. This serves as an opportunity to network and gain insight from candidates across the corporate ladder.


Online Programs:

These programs can be further divided into two types – Live Online and OnDemand. OnDemand programmes offer candidates the flexibility to study at their own pace and comfort while Live Online provides the opportunity to attend scheduled live sessions online every week.

During online sessions, trainers will explain concepts and solve queries through a whiteboard panel or pre-recorded slides. It includes a participant panel that allows candidates to raise questions and interact with the trainer via audio or text. The testing method for these sessions is generally online mock exams and full-length practice exams that are known to mimic real-world testing conditions. This format of training includes recorded sessions that work best for candidates that like to refer to the trainer’s explanation while preparing.


Private Training:

For candidates that prefer individual attention without the distraction of their fellow peers or need additional support but are not able to attend scheduled classes, private training works best. These sessions offer a customized training approach as the trainer follows the pace of the candidate and curates content that best helps the candidate understand the curriculum. Since these sessions are curated for individuals rather than a group, candidates can opt to be trained for only certain topics or the entire curriculum.



Some candidates prefer creating their study plan and timetable without being bound to fixed timings and deadlines. These candidates prefer studying on their own, at their own convenience pace Being their own tutor, candidates can train themselves in a manner that they know serves them best, either through sticky notes, diagrams, or even through riddles.

While this may seem difficult to some due the extent of liberty offered when studying on your own, this does bring a sense of responsibility and enhances self-esteem especially when you can understand concepts that you expected would be tough to understand.


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