Top 7 Reasons to Achieve a Professional Qualification

A professional qualification is an advanced vocational credential that provides you with specialized training in a specific profession or industry. Since some types of professional qualifications require candidates to undergo extensive training and pass difficult examinations, many employers accept these credentials as equivalents of a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a doctorate. Some employers may additionally require you to have relevant work experience too.

Professional qualifications are essential in various career fields to gain work opportunities, advance to senior positions, and receive salary increases and benefits. By understanding the time and effort necessary for obtaining a professional qualification and the job benefits it can bring, you can decide if getting that credential is likely to suit your long-term career plans.

1. Showcase Commitment

You may have a degree, which offers scope for a range of jobs, but a professional qualification provides you with much better chances of getting a specific job. Commitment matters and getting a professional qualification in an area of work you are interested in will show your dedication in that area.

2. Networking Opportunity

With most professional qualifications, candidates are also awarded memberships within the distinguished awarding bodies. These memberships grant you excellent networking opportunities and access to member networks that have incredible potential to help you stay connected with like-minded people.

3. Cost Effective

Professional qualifications are usually more affordable compared to a university degree. Additionally, many employers will sponsor individuals to undertake professional qualifications as they provide a recognizable benchmark of competence. Also, as many courses offer the choice of exclusively online learning, there is no obligation for you to relocate for the sake of your education, which may save you money and stress.

4. Higher Earning Potential

The additional skills and training you get with a professional qualification can make you eligible for well-paying jobs that can enhance your earning potential. For example, a survey conducted by 300Hours in 2022 showed that earning the CFA charter led to a salary raise of up to 153% among charterholders.

5. Stronger Practical Skillset

Today, professionals have to learn, relearn and unlearn in order to thrive in a changing environment. Flexibility and adaptability are crucial in helping professionals and a professional qualification can help you achieve just that. Furthermore, you may have previously studied at university or already stepped into one career path, only to find that you would like to switch careers; undertaking professional qualification is the shortest and most efficient route to gaining foundational knowledge in a new field, learning new skills or expanding your existing knowledge.

6. Short in duration

A professional qualification is generally shorter in duration than a university degree. While the former could range anywhere between a few weeks or months to one year, the latter is generally at an undergraduate level for three to four years and at a master’s level for one to two years. Therefore, professional qualifications are advantageous in helping candidates save significant time and effort as well as assist in an early start to their professional careers.

7. Earn credentials

Employers look favorably on a CV featuring professional qualifications in addition to work experience and many specify them as a pre-requisite for their hiring requirements. It shows initiative on a candidate’s behalf, whether you are just starting your career, or have experience working within the industry and are looking for a new role or a step up to your existing role.


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